Freelance Writing


They say that everyone has at least one book in them and, while I eventually hope to have more, 'Nightmare on Green Street'  (published Football World 2003) is my sole contribution to the shelves of Waterstone's at the moment.

Blagg copyright Natalie Thorne However, I am also a freelance writer with a regular column on ESPN FC - the World's leading sports web site - and have been a regular contributor to several computer related magazines over the years. In 1998, I adopted the alter ego of Billy Blagg, to write a series of football related columns for WestHamOnline and the then-named Soccernet web site. When the site became part of the Disney owned ESPN franchise, I was offered the opportunity to contribute a regular column at ESPN FC

In 2002, 2006 and 2010, I was nominated by ESPN to be the England correspondent for the FIFA World Cup and in 2004 and 2012 for the UEFA European Championships, providing a fan's view of the matches, the triumphs - but more likely tortures - that occur when following the England football team. The opportunity to try and represent the views of the fans for club and country has put me in touch with fans all around the world who agree, disagree or usually argue- sometimes vehemently - with my views and opinions.

Sometimes, the emails and ensuing correspondence take on a whole life of their own, such as in 2002 when David Beckham missed a vital penalty in a shoot-out and I found myself consoling a man in Malaysia who had bet his whole week's wages on England winning (Never a wise bet in my opinion!) or, in 2006, when a chance remark in a match report led to me discussing if Charles Bukowski qualified as a Beat writer with a Professor from a Californian University (Don't ask OK?).

Below are some of the articles and stories that have appeared in various publications and web sites but with a heavy bias toward Freelance Informer who were very generous with my contributions (and the subsequent cheques!). The accompanying graphics are those used on the published pages but as I don't know where they come from I've had to use them without credit.